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June 8, 2011

When I first got this assignment, making my own blog, I thought about the topic I should focus on. The topic couldn’t be something to specific. I usually enjoy online games such as World of Warcraft. However, I can’t write a blog whole year about what I am gaming about. Still, I wanted to blog about something I really enjoy. I like to eat. I like all kinds of foods. I like sushi, I like tacos, I like spaghettis. However, I love burgers! not only burgers, but I enjoy all kinds of fast foods. The thing is, I’m not fat. I’m slightly under weighted. If someone blog about burgers, the reader will automatically think that the poster will be fat. I started this blog only because I enjoy eating. I like to keep my diet healthy, but also I sometimes like to enjoy other foods too.

I really enjoyed blogging this year. I could write about the foods I really enjoyed and share with the world. Also I enjoyed recommending new burger places that I have been. I like to continue my blog. However, I want to slightly change the theme. I want to focus on how fast foods are harmful for our body, and how we can eat more healthier by introducing healthier burgers.


Steff Hot dog – Chili dog

June 8, 2011

This time, I want to review the other hotdog I ate from the Steff Hotdog. This time, I didn’t take any pictures. I was so tempted to eat, that I forgot to take pictures when I finally ate them. This hotdog was the one on the bottom. It was called the Chili dog. I really enjoy spicy foods so I wanted to try this as soon as saw this on the menu. I think it’s my Korean Heritage that makes me desire spicier foods. Korean loves spicy foods. There is this food called Kimchi. It is a original Korean food that is filled with hot peppers. Because I it this food in my regular diet, I don’t have any repulsion from spicy foods.

It’s hard to see in the picture, but the sausage was covered with onions. Also lettuce was included. You can say that the chili sauce is the main but I don’t really agree to that. I think that the corn also have the equal amount of value in this hotdog. Even though the chili sauce makes the hotdog spicy, the corn makes the burger sweet. This neutralize the spiciness and makes the sweet and hot taste get along together.

Overall, this hotdog was great. I really like chili sauce, but for especially this hotdog, the sauce got along with the meal.

How can you define something as a fastfood?

June 8, 2011

Before I start, I want to mention that this is personal blog, which means that most of the opinions I write is my personal opinion not a scientific or  proved facts from professionals. This post will be what I think about fastfoods.

These days, fastfoods are everywhere, I mean everywhere. Look around the town and you will find 20 billions of fastfood stores around you. You can’t find any? That might mean that you don’t know what fastfood really is. If you are in a restaurant, order some food, and get the food in 5 minutes, that place is definitely a fastfood restaurant. Are you still disagreeing? Than how can a cooked meal comes out in 5 minutes. Did you ever tried cooking in your house? How long did it take to make a well made healthy meal? I guess that it would have took you more than 20 minutes, unless you just cooked some frozen food with your microwave. So when it only takes 5 minutes, it means that it only takes 5 minutes to make it. Also it’s possible that they are serving foods that were made beforehand. This just proves nothing but that the restaurant serves low quality foods.

Even Chinese foods are fastfoods. They serve  us all kinds of fried food. They use spices that are greasy and salty. This helps the foods have its unique Chinese taste; however, it’s just used to cook faster.

I think that fast foods are foods that use ingredients and spices that can make the foods fast. Also fast foods fries the foods to cook the foods fast. This can produce the foods faster, but it gets unhealthier.

Steff Hotdog – Viking

May 23, 2011

Recently, my parents went to the states because it’s my sister’s graduation soon. They took my DSLR camera so I had to use my I phone to take the pictures. In my opinion, the I Phone camera was not so bad, only that the screen is wider and the focus is not that accurate. I should consider about using I Phone more often to take pictures. Today I want to talk about a good hotdog I recently had. It’s name was Viking from a brand called Steff Hotdog. Steff Hotdog is a Korean Hotdog franchise that is most likely attached to a convenient store called Buy the Way. It is very easy to get one nearby if you live in Korea. There are lots of different kinds of hotdog else than the one that only have pickles and onions on it. This time, I tried the Viking!

The one on the top is the one I ate, Viking, and the bottom one is called the Chili Dog. I only ate the one on the top, but I also like spicy foods so I might review about the hot dog later.

First as you can see, there are these crispy things on the top of hotdog. I did not know what exactly it was, but this made the hotdog more enjoyable to bite! Also my policy when eating a new food is that never take out any ingredients from it. So I tried the whole thing in one big bite!

Haha, it’s funny when I look at myself eating, but it surely looks delicious. I can even see myself enjoying it in the face expression.

It was not spicy or salty at all. It was more sweet and tasty with the crispy stuff on it. The lettuce makes it more fresh and cool that the hot sausage goes along with it. The sauce was just a normal mustard sauce but it was still delicious. When I looked at the crispy stuff, I thought that it will be unhealthy. First of all, it is definitely a fast food, but more than that, it looks fried. Most fried foods are unhealthy because it contains high calories. However, the bread did the work. The bread was a rye bread which is known to be one of the healthy and nutritious kinds of breads.

I recommend this burger! Try it if you have a chance~


March 31, 2011

I recently had my spring break. I went and stayed where my father worked. I had to take 3 hours of bus to get there. I worked for the whole week doing volunteer works. After a hard long week, I took a bus for 3 hours to get back home. During the 3 hour trip, the bus stopped for a quick rest. A kid was sitting next to me. This kid went out and bought some hot dogs during the break. It smelled really good so I wanted one, but it was too late to get a new one. So as soon as I reached home, I went to the grocery mart with my mom and bought some sausages. I cooked my own hot dog, using ingredients we had at home except for the sausage.

First of all, I cooked the sausage. Before you cook your sausage, I recommend you to look up for any possible ingredients you can use to make the hot dog. 

These are the ingredients that I found in my refrigerator. It’s just a loaf of bread, some onion, ketchup and honey mustard.

The next steps are very simple. It is basically adding all these together. For me, I toasted the bread a little, because I like it hot.

A little break

March 31, 2011

I was wondering why people think hamburger is a bad food. Hamburger surely is a efficient food. What I mean by “efficient” is that it have lots of merits. First of all, it can be cooked fast. When you are busy, you can have a meal in 5 minutes and continue your work. Also, it doesn’t that bad, doesn’t it? Actually, I think it tastes good. But why is it known as a unhealthy food? I did some research on this topic, because I wanted to know why exactly hamburger is bad for us.

Hamburgers have high calories. For example, Double Whopper from burger king have a calorie of 750. A 30 years old man who exercise 3~5 times a week with a height of 180cm and weight of 80 kg, basically a normal man, is recommended to take 2879.9 cal a day to maintain a day. It would be a “okay” diet if you only it 4 of these burgers a day. However, you don’t only eat hamburgers when you eat it. It usually comes out with a coke and some fries. The calorie of one meal of french fries is 539 cal, and the calorie of  8oz of coka cola is 97. This adds up and makes a meal a 1386 meal. If you have more than 2 meals, you are done for the day.

Also, Hamburger is a high sodium product. It does not mean that all hamburgers are, but especially for the fast foods. For example, a Big Mac has 1090 mg of sodium. Sodium benefits our body if we eat the right amount. However, when we over intake this, it have critical effects on our body. First, it is bad for the blood pressure. The director of the Super Size Me, who ate McDonalds every single day for a month, ended up gaining 24.5 pounds with fat liver and high cholesterol. Also this made him twice likely two get a hear disease.

The facts I found shows how bad it can be to our body. Hamburger as fast food is surely not a good food for a healthy diet. But! if you control yourself, it would be a good meal, maybe once a month or two?

The Intense Match, Big Mac VS Double Whopper Part 1

February 17, 2011

When I was a kid, I usually argued with friends about what the best burger is. The two burgers that always came on the list were the Big Mac and the Double Whopper. FYI, Big Mac is from McDonald’s and Double Whopper is from Burger King. Of course there was always Wendy’s, but I never liked it. I don’t want to bring up an argument with this, but I never agree with their ads; they always say they are the “quality fast food,” but in my opinion no fast food can be healthy or nutritious. Back to the topic, so what is the best burger between these two burgers? When I was a kid, I could never decide what the best was. So I decided to compare these two burgers by grading them in several different criteria listed below. My next few posts will be about this for a while.

Criteria A

First of all, both of them are fast foods. What is fast food for? Fast food is for people who are busy, so they can have a meal quick and fast to get back to work. So this can be one standard, “which of the burgers is served first?” I will be measuring time with my stop watch on my phone starting from the time I order, until it comes out.

Criteria B

Although both burgers are fast foods, which are known to be unhealthy, they should at least be healthy in some parts. So I will compare the two burgers by the nutrition table and consider which one is healthier.

Criteria C

When eating outside, the price always matters. If two well served foods are served, people would probably choose the meal with cheaper price. Or if two types of meals with different taste are served with same price, people would probably choose the meal with better taste. So in this criteria, I will be comparing the prices of the burgers.

Criteria D

Last but not least, the most important “thing” when comparing foods; the taste! However, when it comes to taste, it can become personal. So more than the personal thoughts about the taste, I will try to measure this by the quality of the burger; how well the burger is made, how fresh the ingredients are, how well the ingredients go together, and the overall taste of the burger.


To be continued…